Monday, August 17, 2009

10 favorite things

There are just some days I need to be reminded of why I know I love, life...

10-Invention. We live in a world of simplicity, but I find myself asking "Why are things so complicated?" I love the fact I can be indoors when it is cold or hot and it remains 74 degrees.

9-My health. (Especially now that social medicine could be our only option). I'm curious how long I would have had to wait in line to get a c-section with my twins?

Okay. Sorry some of these have been on a sarcastic note, but this blog just wouldn't be complete without the Butler sarcasm or should I say the Wright humor. (I can't believe I just wrote that).

8-Waking up in the mountains after a cool night camping, the smell of campfire floating through the air, wind rustling the leaves of the willowy aspen trees, and the sound of the stillness when I'm reflecting upon the beautiful creations that Heavenly Father has given to us.

7-Chocolate. Need I say more?!?

6-Reading a great book only to find I wish it weren't over. Often,inspiring me to write a story of my own.

5-Soaking in a hot bubble bath. AAAHHH!!!

4-People make me happy. Life would be so dull without friends and family to share it. I love meeting new people, they are so interesting. The experiences of others can be inspiring and uplifting. I also find it teaches me understanding and love.

3-My children. Heavenly Father knew I would learn my greatest lessons from my children. My heart is so full as I see their little smiles and witness the simple greatness of their ways.

2-My husband. I love having my best friend by my side. The hand that lets me know the only way I fail, is if I do not try. The smile that tells me don't worry about tomorrow you still have today to give. The hug when things get tough that reminds me I am loved.

1-Inspiration. The knowledge that there is a loving Father in Heaven. Knowing that Jesus is the Christ the Savior of mankind. A prophet to lead us back to them. Words of scripture that teach us of these things and the spirit that manifests of these truths. This prompts me to move forward and keeps my spirits high. I love this life and all it's goodness.


The Barbers said...

I love the pictures of your girls! This is the first time I have seen them (yes I live under a rock) and I 100% agree with #7 ;)

vandi said...

I loved that Missy. Thanks for scaring, even if it did contain a little Butler sarcasm; ) We had so much fun with you guys! Hope we didn't wear you out! Thanks for everything. You're amazing.

p.s. can I get that website of your friends? thanks: )

chloereeseblog said...

Hey Missy. I have been trying to contact you but it seems you number is changed. Will you call me. 208-716-4844. I'm wondering if you still do hair and all the details.