Thursday, April 16, 2009

Three-Year-Old's Guide to Staging a Home

We've relaxed right into routine of feeding, changing diapers, sleeping, changing diapers, and changing more diapers. We were going through about a 100 diapers a week. Just as we were getting comfortable with everything Blake and I started feeling the impression it was time to sell our house. Why not? Let's add that to the diaper changing list.
Full speed ahead. We got things going. We called a realtor to get some info. After some discussion and prayer we decided to do for sale by owner and wait a month to sign with a realtor. The neighbors were shocked to see our little sign. Blake took some pictures and posted our home on KSL. I went to wallpapering the basement. (Talk about juggling). We started getting calls immediately and not even 2 weeks later an offer. Another miracle. Blake and I planned on selling in the near future. If it were up to us we'd still be talking about it. I'm so glad Heavenly Father is taking care of us and nudges us forward. If we had waited any longer I'm sure we would have missed our opportunity.

In these 2 weeks of craziness, Izaak, decided to be an almost, 3 year old. The twins have been a piece of cake in comparison. When t
rying to sell a house I have a few pointers...

1st make sure your maple syrup is locked up tight, otherwise a 3 year old will pour it all over your floor. It is very hard to clean out of carpet

2nd handsoap is also pourable in a 3 year old hands. It will make bathroom carpet smell better, but suds just keep coming.

3rd even if you take your 3 year old to grandmas house and your own house stays clean; warn grandma to lock up the vaseline, mentholatum, and toothpaste. Vaseline and mentholotum don't make a very pretty wall art and definitely don't take stains out of couch cushions! And aquafresh toothpaste is not made to soften carpet fibers. Izaak also discovered that at grandma's house salt is not only for flavoring food. All you have to do with salt is make salt piles every foot or so throughout grandma's and grandpa's house. A five pound box of salt makes this all possible.

4th flourescent lights do not make good drumsticks! Need I say more. Glass every where!

And 5th if you think there is nothing else your 3 year old can possibly make a mess with, think a-gain! Especially if this little mastermind has a cousin about the same age, it is a disaster. Make sure you have a steam vac for this one. Dry wall mud takes a long time to clean off of drums, treadmills, safes,radios, and carpets. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Yes, Izaak is still breathing.

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Ashley said...

As if life isn't hard enough? Rylie is sitting on my lap looking at your blog and she says "He's dirty (about Izaak)" and "that's a mess messy house." And somehow she can't recognize that at her own home! :) You're a good mom.