Friday, January 30, 2009

Today was soooo boring

Today was soooo boring. Good thing, it made me start a Blog!

I'm finally ready to let Blake show me how this blogging works! Poor Blake. Last time I tried to blog I was done with it after 5 minutes. I decided I'd rather wash dishes. Thankfully I have lots of good examples who write blogs that keep making me want to try again! Also, I find it to be the only way I will keep up a journal of what is going on in my great life. I want to remember it!

While awaiting our twin girls, I have found my house painted, organized and clean. With all that done, I've turned to following Izaak around, smothering him and making Blake rearrange furniture. I'm pretty sure they are excited for me to have my hands full so they can have some breathing room. But hey my house looks great!

I'm down to weekly doctor appointments, it's so exciting! Last appointment the girls were measuring 5lbs 2oz. and 5lbs 3oz. they look healthy and have cute chubby cheeks. Possibilities of C-section are pretty high, one of our little cuties is breech and it happens to be twin A (meaning the first baby born). I feel her in there moving constantly, as if she is trying to get into position, hopefully. I'm grateful for the reassurance that C-sections are actually not so bad. I am however having a hard time thinking it's okay to be cut open. I watched a cow get a C-section the other day on the show Dirty Jobs and it didn't look very fun. Blake changed the channel so I don't know how everything turned out for the cow.

There is a race going on among the sisters-in-law. On my side of the family, 3 of us, Andie, Jillian and I are due with babies within days of each other. I'm included in this only because twins come a little early. On Blake's side of the family his sister Vandi and I are racing. Also, we are so excited our sister-in-law Bethany is due coming up shortly. Lots and lots of babies! I can't help to know Heavenly Father has his hands in all of this. These little spirits have a plan! It is going to be a blast!

Little Izaak is definitely sensing a change is coming. I admit he is my biggest concern. He's been our whole world for almost 3 years now. I pray we can help him adjust smoothly. We try to include him in our conversations of the girls, but most the time he avoids the subject and wants to talk about something else all together. I didn't know 2 year olds were so good at avoiding things they don't want to talk about or do. On the other hand sometimes Izaak will talk to the babies in my tummy and give them kisses. He is already protective of them. When the snow falls he wants to shovel the walks so they won't fall (or me not fall I guess) so the sisters don't get hurt. It's pretty cute.

Blake is the best husband! He has helped me out so much. I hope he knows how much I love and appreciate him. With my round little tummy Blake has had to pick up a lot of slack. Helping with things around the house, taking care of Izaak more, and working his full time job. It can be a bit much, but he never complains. Thank you Blake! I love you!

This blog has turned out to be longer than I planned. I'm pretty sure I'm going to like this. All of you that know me, know that I can talk! The good side is you don't have to listen to me babble on and you only have to read if you want to. Lucky! I hope I can learn to put pictures on here too and learn fun posts to do, so it's not just babbling. I also hope, I can repost before next year. No promises! I've got double duty (take that how you will) coming up here soon.